(A) Child Support in California is set by a formula which is known as Guideline Support.  The 3 most important factors are father’s net income, mother’s net income and percentage of timeshare.

(B) Your tax bracket is also considered.  Thus, how many exemptions are declared (which can increase net income); whether there is new spouse income (which may decrease net income); and mortgage interest payments (which can increase net income).  These may or may not affect net income; may or may not effect net income significantly.

( C) Child Care expenses for the purposes of allowing a parent to work are generally paid by each party 50%.

(D) Health Insurance is an issue to be considered.  If health insurance is available at little or no cost through employment, the court will generally order that be the coverage.  If not, the issue will have to be looked at further.

(E) Medical Expenses not covered by health insurance are generally paid for 50/50.


(A) Temporary spousal support may be calculated on a guideline in a computer program based on each party’s income at the time.

(B) Spousal support after temporary spousal support if not stipulated to by the parties must be based on the factors in FC 4320. 

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