You should have a consultation for confidential legal advice with a family law attorney to learn about your legal rights if your marriage is breaking down, and your spouse:


After an initial meeting at our office to obtain legal advice, you may decide you need an attorney to protect your interests, that you need legal representation.  If you retain The Law Offices of Don Starks, you can be assured of having a competent legal advocate to act on your behalf in actions concerning.

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Has become abusive or threatening
Has taken the children
Has become secretive about money and debts
Has closed joint accounts
Attempts to sell or refinance your home
Starts a business
Incurs unusual credit card debt
Borrows or withdraws retirement funds
Withdraws funds from investment accounts
Requests you sign any legal document.
Legal Separation
Child custody and visitation
Child and spousal support
Property division
Domestic Violence
Custody/support modification after Judgment.
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